Monday, May 15, 2017

luck birth–part one 2017

Luck Birth 1-30 2017 (6)

This was a first for me. I’ve never done a birth session so I was really excited, quite nervous, and a little anxious about it. I’m truly grateful that our good friends David & Jamie asked me (and trusted me) to shoot their birth story even though I had no experience. It was such an amazing experience for me – I had never witnessed a birth, even though I’ve had four babies myself, this was a completely new perspective for me. Giving birth is such a beautiful, amazing, breathtaking, and glorious event. The human body is so amazing and what women’s bodies go through during pregnancy and labor/delivery just leaves  you completely awestruck.

So thank you, David & Jamie, for having me be apart of this awesome day in your lives. I feel truly blessed to have been there with you. <3

David & Jamie’s birth story begins in the hospital, the night before. Jamie is a labor & delivery nurse at this hospital so it was really quite fun to see her with her coworkers during *her* labor & delivery. : ) The staff decorated her room and even had a cute sign on her door to welcome their sweet little boy into the world.

Jamie got unpacked and settled in for the night for a very big day that would start in the morning!

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oliver 2017

Oliver 2017 064

Say hello to sweet Oliver. He is baby #4 to one of the sweetest, fun loving, amazing families ever! This session was just fun and relaxing. Oliver kept giving me his sweet little smile the entire time and I just wanted to gobble him up. He is the perfect little addition to his wonderful family. We love you Hortons! Congrats on sweet little Oliver, the cutest little chunk around. <3

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Oliver 2017 323

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

jones family 2017

Jones Family (103)

You guys! This was my first time doing a session where the main focus was the puppy!!! Say hello to Charlie! Isn’t she adorable?! Stephanie and Ryan are one of the cute new couples in our ward, and I have loved getting to know them better. These three make such a cute little family. Seriously, I had the BEST time on this session. Thanks again for taking a chance on me Stephanie!! <3

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horton family 2017

Horton Family 2016 684


I’m so grateful for lasting friendships. We’ve known Rocky and Janna for quite a few years now. Travis was a newborn when I first got to know Janna; that was 8 years ago! Time flies when you have amazing friends. We’ve known each other through many church callings, 8 babies, and 3 moves between us. Its be a blast!! We’ve shared many laughs, some tears, great food, and wonderful memories. <3

We drove out to see Janna & Rocky before they had their fourth baby in January. I’m so glad we made it too because they welcomed baby the very next weekend. The timing couldn’t have worked out more perfectly.

We took these in an open field next to their house. So close and so easy. I just love how the light ended up in these shots! They’re a beautiful family and we just love having them in our lives.


Horton Family 2016 071Horton Family 2016 140Horton Family 2016 202Horton Family 2016 310Horton Family 2016 349Horton Family 2016 373Horton Family 2016 424Horton Family 2016 514Horton Family 2016 533Horton Family 2016 571Horton Family 2016 599Horton Family 2016 626Horton Family 2016 682Horton Family 2016 702Horton Family 2016 752