Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thoming Family - aurora co photographer

Thoming Family 2014 014

Say hello to this gorgeous family, the Thomings! I have taken their family photos two years in a row now, it’s a pretty awesome feeling. I was also lucky enough to take little Marjorie’s newborn photos, she is such a doll. And it was neat to learn that Joe’s Grandmother use to own the property where we took these photos, how cool is that??

I just love the Thomings, they are a sweet and amazing family. And they have some of THE cutest kids around. I just love them!

Thanks again Thomings for a wonderful evening! I just LOVE these photos and you guys!

StripThoming Family 2014 020Thoming Family 2014 057Thoming Family 2014 079Thoming Family 2014 123Thoming Family 2014 231Thoming Family 2014 256Thoming Family 2014 280

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Seeman Family - aurora co photographer

Seeman Family 2014 200-2

So lets be honest, I LOOOOOVE this family! Simply to pieces! Alli is one of the nicest, funniest, gracious, and amazingly gorgeous people you will ever meet! I just adore her. And her sweet family are in the same boat with her. I loved this session, it was a gorgeous afternoon, and we just had a blast. This park is GORGEOUS so it went right along with this BEAUTIFUL family.

Alli, thanks again for having me capture a few moments for your family this summer! I cherish our sessions together and always look forward to seeing you and your sweet family. You guys are just the best!!

Thank you Seemans!!

Seeman Family 2014 004-2Seeman Family 2014 031-2Seeman Family 2014 065-2Seeman Family 2014 105-2Seeman Family 2014 130-2Seeman Family 2014 138Seeman Family 2014 157-2Seeman Family 2014 186-2Seeman Family 2014 240-2Seeman Family 2014 292Seeman Family 2014 295

Tanner Family - aurora co photographer

Tanner Family 2014 088

One of the many things I love about my job is the fact that I get to see friends that I haven’t seen in a while. Its pretty awesome. Kyla and her sweet family lived in our area for a while and although we didn’t get to see each other much except for church, it was still nice having them around. I’ve known Kyla for ages now, its amazing how quickly time flies! She now has this beautiful little family and they are just so happy together.

This was an early morning session and although I’m not a morning person, this shoot made it so worth the early start! I had fun catching up with the Tanners and seeing their cute girls again! And sweet little Avril has grown SO much since her newborn session earlier this year. Ellery is a beautiful, intelligent, sweet little girl! I always love seeing this sweet family!

Thank you, Tanners, for such a wonderful morning session!

Tanner Family 2014 017Tanner Family 2014 136Tanner Family 2014 153Tanner Family 2014 169Tanner Family 2014 172Tanner Family 2014 175Tanner Family 2014 189Tanner Family 2014 215

baby Elliot - aurora co photographer

Powers Newborn 2014 417

Say hello to sweet baby Elliot. Isn’t she just delicious?! This session felt really great. It had been so long since my last newborn session and that’s where all of this started for me – newborns. Its truly like riding a bike though, you just don’t forget how to work with those sweet, sweet new babes. Ah, it was lovely.

This family is just the sweetest. I met Angela, Stephen, & Laynie back in November of last year for their family session. We had so much fun then and it was so good to see them again, especially since Elliot had joined the family. We had fun and this session was laid back and relaxed, just the way you want a newborn session to go! Laynie loved all the kids books that I had floating around my living room and was just so fun to talk to. She’s such smart, kind, and beautiful little girl.

Baby Elliot is truly blessed to join this sweet family. She will be loved and cherished!

Congrats Powers Family!

Powers Newborn 2014 023Powers Newborn 2014 064Powers Newborn 2014 159Powers Newborn 2014 239Powers Newborn 2014 250Powers Newborn 2014 292Powers Newborn 2014 364Powers Newborn 2014 393Powers Newborn 2014 397Powers Newborn 2014 400Powers Newborn 2014 438Powers Newborn 2014 445Powers Newborn 2014 464Powers Newborn 2014 472Powers Newborn 2014 474

Tiffany - aurora co photographer

Tiffany Wellard 2014 014

Tiffany and her family use to live in Aurora near us and then moved away a few years ago, just about an hour away from here. I was so excited to see her and her mom for this session! It had been a while!

Tiffany is such a sweet, sweet girl, and so amazing and I feel blessed to know her and her sweet family. It was fun catching up with her Mom Susan and seeing her little brothers, they all had grown so much! This session was fun and filled with mosquitos!! Haha, we still had a great time and I really enjoyed seeing Tiffany again. I can’t believe she’s a senior already! Time really flies.

Thanks Tiffany! I had such a wonderful time with you at the park! I will treasure your sweet hugs & kisses dear!

Tiffany Wellard 2014 060Tiffany Wellard 2014 242Tiffany Wellard 2014 255Tiffany Wellard 2014 270