Tuesday, February 21, 2017

jeremy 2017

Jeremy 2017 (16)

Cute little Jeremy is getting baptized soon! Congrats buddy! Such an awesome choice for such an awesome young man! You’re a sweet boy and you’re family is so blessed to have you!

Jeremy 2017 (2)Jeremy 2017 (8)Jeremy 2017 (21)

jamie & david 2016

Jamie & David 2016 021

Jamie & David!!! We love these two, who just became three a few weeks ago! Jamie and I thought it would be SO fun to shoot her maternity photos in the snow so we waited patiently for the snow to come to Colorado – the first snow was in November, late November, which was SO weird  but we didn’t get a decent amount of snow until December 17th. The only catch, it was negative 4 degrees!!! We found the perfect spot, and shot their session in 10 minutes flat. Its about all we could stand! I also fell and landed on a cactus during this session and had to pull 3 or 4 prickers out of my bum on the way home. Totally worth it though, their photos turned out gorgeous! I just love the crisp feel that the snow gave these photos.

I couldn’t be more pleased with how these turned out. Jamie, you’re gorgeous pregnant! We love you guys so much and we’re so excited for this new chapter in your lives together. <3

Jamie & David 2016 076Jamie & David 2016 095Jamie & David 2016 139Jamie & David 2016 165

Thursday, February 9, 2017

morgenegg family 2016

Morgenegg Family 2016 (3)

I had this gorgeous and amazing family in front of my lens before Christmas. I’ve got to tell ya, I haven’t laughed that hard in a while! This family was such a blast! We’ve known the Morgenegg family for quite some time now and Becca will happily inform you that she’s the reason my husband & I met and fell in love. ; ) Thanks  Becca!!! A Mom to four handsome boys, wife to an awesome guy, phenomenal photographer, and stellar business woman; Becca is most definitely someone you want to have in your life. Thanks you guys for spending a very blustery December Saturday with me! Y’all are beyond gorgeous and some of the bestest people around! We love you guys!!!

Morgenegg Family 2016 (18)Morgenegg Family 2016 (28)Morgenegg Family 2016 (26)Morgenegg Family 2016 (36)Morgenegg Family 2016 (19)Morgenegg Family 2016 (38)Morgenegg Family 2016 (42)Morgenegg Family 2016 (43)Morgenegg Family 2016 (48)Morgenegg Family 2016 (49)Morgenegg Family 2016 (63)Morgenegg Family 2016 (72)Morgenegg Family 2016 (77)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

cade 2016

Cade 2016 (19)

I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet family in their home for a lifestyle newborn session back in December. They welcomed a new addition, Cade, and what a sweet blessing he is! He will be loved and cherished for sure. Cade’s older sisters were so sweet and intelligent! I just loved chatting with them. Their Mom & Dad have done a wonderful job. I’m so grateful to have a skill that I can share with many friends and that enables me to meet some truly wonderful people.

Thanks so much Brimhall family! Congratulations on the birth of Cade, he’s a pretty lucky little guy!

Cade 2016 (1)Cade 2016 (2)Cade 2016 (18)

Brimhall Family 2016 (19)Brimhall Family 2016 (20)Brimhall Family 2016 (22)

Cade 2016 (31)Cade 2016 (33)Cade 2016 (34)Cade 2016 (35)Cade 2016 (39)Cade 2016 (49)Cade 2016 (54)Cade 2016 (82)Cade 2016 (58)Cade 2016 (60)Cade 2016 (65)Cade 2016 (72)Cade 2016 (69)Cade 2016 (77)Cade 2016 (80)Cade 2016 (85)Cade 2016 (93)Cade 2016 (97)Cade 2016 (102)Cade 2016 (119)Cade 2016 (114)Cade 2016 (115)Cade 2016 (139)Cade 2016 (143)