Saturday, July 26, 2014



I think everyone is blessed with beautiful talents. Everyone is born with something that makes them special. It takes a lot of us much longer to discover what those special talentsare; to recognize them, to embrace them, to help them grow, and then one day be confident enough to share them with others. To me, that's the key: sharing them. Once we share them, they can only get better and stronger. We all should be there for each other, helping build each other up and to grow in our talents, whatever they may be. Support, love, kindness, trust, faith, guidance, just a few things that we should be giving each other. Patience. The list could go on forever. Being forever positive instead of finding fault & negativity in everything and everyone will not only effect us in an amazing way, but those around us as well. 

My challenge to you is to find something you're passionate about, if you haven't already, and go with it. Take that first scary step and embrace your beautiful talent. And always remember to be forever grateful to The One who blessed you with your talents. --Natalie

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