Wednesday, November 9, 2016

fitzgerald family 2016

Fitzgerald Family 2016 019

I love seeing this awesome family every year! This session was so much fun, I just love how much energy and life this family has. Little Ruby was not my biggest fan but man was she so much fun to photograph. These kiddos are so gorgeous, smart, kind, and just fun to be around. And they come by it naturally! Lindsay and Judd are so relaxed and just a blast to be around.

Thanks again Fitzgerald family for being an awesome way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Y’all are the best!

Fitzgerald Family 2016 027Fitzgerald Family 2016 067Fitzgerald Family 2016 095Fitzgerald Family 2016 110Fitzgerald Family 2016 137Fitzgerald Family 2016 165Fitzgerald Family 2016 179Fitzgerald Family 2016 218Fitzgerald Family 2016 272Fitzgerald Family 2016 302

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

brynleigh 2016

Brynleigh 2016 (59)

We had fun playing in the woods with this little girl the other week! Brynleigh is so full of life and energy, she’s the perfect caboose to her awesome family. Thanks for such a fun afternoon Miss Brynleigh! Stay awesome!

Brynleigh 2016 (1)Brynleigh 2016 (17)Brynleigh 2016 (25)Brynleigh 2016 (29)Brynleigh 2016 (32)Brynleigh 2016 (45)Brynleigh 2016 (46)Brynleigh 2016 (47)Brynleigh 2016 (53)

sherman family 2016

Sherman Family 2016 (47)

I looooooooove seeing this sweet family every year. I have photographed the Shermans for three years now and each time just gets better and better. Genuinely sweet, genuinely kind. It just radiates from them. Shermans, you guys are the best!! I feel blessed to have you in front of my camera! <3

Sherman Family 2016 (1)Sherman Family 2016 (10)Sherman Family 2016 (14)Sherman Family 2016 (25)Sherman Family 2016 (28)Sherman Family 2016 (41)Sherman Family 2016 (51)Sherman Family 2016 (68)