Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cami, Nate, & Calvin - January 2014

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Cami & Nate. Cami was pregnant with sweet little Calvin at the time. He was born just this week on Monday. So far, he’s doing really well and so are Cami & Nate. I’m sure they are just thrilled to finally have him here.

I can’t even begin to explain how this maternity session has blessed my life. Calvin has had a rough go already, even before he was born, but I know he is a very strong and very special boy. He’s also very blessed to be joining the family he’s joining! They are some amazingly strong, positive, faithful people. It was a gentle reminder for me personally to always have faith in The Lord, never take anything for granted, even the smallest of the small moments, and how the hardest of times can only make you stronger. And leaning on The Lord is never a bad thing to do. He is there for us, always.

So to Cami, Nate, & Calvin – I’m so glad I could be apart of your lives, even if its only for a little bit, I’m so grateful to have met you. Thank you for helping me remember a few things about my past, and for being so strong for your little boy who needs you guys so much!

Congratulations on Calvin’s birth and becoming parents! Y’all will be so wonderful at it!

You’re in my heart and in my prayers!

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Addison - January 2014

A Ross Newborn 2014 155

Meet Addison! Baby #4 for my friend Laura. Such a cutie pie! She has gorgeous eyes and a beautiful smile. Addison was 4 weeks old at this session so she was pretty active and awake the entire time. I just loved every second of her!

I love Laura.  Laura is a single mom most of the time. She is married to an awesome guy but he travels a lot for work. I can totally relate! But she handles being a mom of four with such grace and love, its just wonderful to see. I love Laura because she has so much compassion and kindness for every mother out there. She knows because in most cases, she’s been there and she’s always willing to lend a helping hand.

Thanks for your awesome friendship Laura! It means a lot to me. I hope you’re sticking around for a while!

A Ross Newborn 2014 167A Ross Newborn 2014 189

Look at her gorgeous hair!! I love babies with a ton of hair. So adorable.

A Ross Newborn 2014 221

A Ross Newborn 2014 327

A Ross Newborn 2014 246

A Ross Newborn 2014 341A Ross Newborn 2014 343-2

A Ross Newborn 2014 351

A Ross Newborn 2014 160

And say hello to Addison’s older sister Paige. Gah, I would give my left arm to photograph all four of Laura’s adorable kiddos!! Paige was a good little helper during our session. I just had to snap a photo of her, she’s so cute!

Thanks Laura! It was such a fun afternoon!

Zach - November 2013

Color Set (16)

Ah, Zach. What a cutie. I photographed his older sister Violet two years ago when she was a newborn and I can tell you, they are polar opposites. Violet was wide awake and moving around. You could just tell she was going to be a mover when she got older. And she was! Walking at 8 months.. she’s going places!

Zach slept the entire time. Didn’t mind moving around one bit. Our session was really quick because he was so sleepy and comfy. Loved it!

B&W Set (8)

This little guy looks so much like his Daddy.

B&W Set (15)

One of the best Moms around. Such a sweet session.

B&W Set (16)

Thanks for this session Gail! Zach is going to be an easy going little fella. Congrats on baby #4!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Powers Family - November 2013

Powers 2013 037

Say hi to Steve, Angela, and Laynie!

We met on a chilly November evening at a cute little park. We thought we were going to lose the light but it hung on just for us, I’m pretty certain. The snow was a nice little backdrop.

Angela & Steve are a seriously cute couple. They were super sweet and fun to talk to. They were also pretty darn photogenic. They made my job easy for sure!

And Laynie, oh my gosh what a doll! She was so much fun and this definitely was not her first rodeo! She was MADE for the camera. She had the cutest personality and the prettiest blue eyes. She was just perfect!

Powers 2013 076

Powers 2013 121

Thanks so much for hanging outside in the cold for a few adorable photos you guys! I enjoyed every second of it!

Powers 2013 149

Powers 2013 171Powers 2013 135

little rory - November 2013


R Brawn 2013 027

Little Rory is a sweet little girl who is loved and adored by her sweet family.

I use to watch Rory’s older brother Marshall. Our families are good friends. We were so excited when Peggy & Will announced they were having a little girl. We knew she would be cherished. She definitely fits right in with them!

R Brawn 2013 096

At first, she wasn’t all too thrilled to be half naked and having her photo taken. She was the tiniest little peanut I had seen in a long time!

So we swaddled her right up and she was happy as a clam.

R Brawn 2013 109

R Brawn 2013 232

Marshall is an awesome big brother!

R Brawn 2013 245

Peggy and her husband Will have their own wedding photography business and they are amazing! You can check out their website HERE

I have learned so much from them and appreciate all they have done for my family.

We love you guys! Congratulations again on baby Rory! She’s perfect!

R Brawn 2013 282R Brawn 2013 293R Brawn 2013 299

Monday, February 3, 2014

Baby Boy Kai – November 2013

Set Two (3)

Have I mentioned lately how much I adore my job? A LOT. Like, a LOT. Just love it.

This is my sweet friend, Andrea. I met Andrea while Joe and I were dating. Andrea was dating Joe’s friend Randall and they were married a month after we were. I love Andrea. She is sweet, kind, and such a good mother to her three boys! Kai is the youngest and I’m so glad I was able to photograph him and his mom! What a beautiful session it was. And Kai was so easy going. Loved him!

Thanks Andrea, I had so much fun during this session and it was awesome to catch up with you guys! Even if Randall tried to steal my little Gwen. Haha. Love you guys!

Set Two (8)

Motherhood suits her.

Set Two (9)Set Two (12)Set Two (13)Set Two (20)Set Two (22)

Horton Family – October 2013

Horton Family 2013 039

These are some of my favorite people.

We’ve known Janna & Rocky for a few years now. If you know my husband, you would know that he doesn’t really like to go out much or spend time with many people outside of his family. He’s a home-body. And he is one because he works a lot. When he’s not working, he’s at church serving others. Both occupations are huge blessings in our lives so no one is complaining but, they can be very exhausting when they run back to back.

Janna & Rocky are an exception to the rule though. Rocky & Joe served side-by-side at church for a few years which meant Janna and I really got to know each other well. Janna was there for me through a few difficult times. She was always there with a listening ear, patient advice, awesome snacks, and it was pretty convenient that she had two sweet boys that got along really well with my boys. Not to mention, Rocky & Joe were fast friends which didn’t hurt the situation at all. They enjoy fishing together, camping, swapping mission stories and amazing recipes from their missions, talking guns, games, and even pumpkin carving techniques.

When Joe was called as Bishop in our church, (we are LDS, Mormon, so a Bishop would be the equivalent of a Pastor or Priest), it was quite time consuming and we didn’t see Joe very often at all so we lost a few friendships along the way mainly because if Joe was home, he wanted to spend his time with his family and not going out. It was an adjustment for a few people. A lot of people understood, others didn’t. Its hard to keep friendships alive when you don’t see your friends ever. But there are a few friends that stay true, even if they don’t see you every day.

I’m truly grateful for patient, understanding friends, who know you don’t have a lot of time on your hands and don’t get hurt or offended when you just want to stay home, not because you don’t want to hang out but purely because you’re exhausted from your week and you just want to be with your little family. I’m also grateful for friends who come over at a moments notice, dressed in pjs, to have dinner, watch movies or play games and let the little ones play. The Hortons are those friends for us. They have since moved, 5 hours away, but that has yet to make a dent in our friendship. When we do get to see each other, we just pick up where we left off last, without skipping a beat. Its so wonderful.

I feel blessed to know Janna and to have her in my life. I’ve always said I hope some friendships are eternal ones because it would be awesome to reconnect with them in the life after this one. Janna is the kindest, sweetest, funniest, feistiest, most patient and amazing friend. I love that I get to call her MY friend. She’s truly one of the best. And I think it is so cool that we have two boys and a girl each!!!

I’m also grateful that Rocky has been such an awesome friend to my husband. Few people get Joe, even fewer people become his good friend. Thanks Rocky!

So, since I have officially unloaded my emotional rant for the week, here are some cute photos that transpired during their last visit!


Horton Family 2013 097

Meet Konner! He is such a stud! I just love this kid and his amazing personality. He is full of life, this one!

Horton Family 2013 175

Horton Family 2013 198

Sweet Hunter, love this kid and his love for oreos & milk. He’s so sweet and kind but also brave and courageous.

Horton Family 2013 074

And we can’t forget little Tayler. She is such a fun little girl, I just love her to death. She can definitely hold her own with her brothers.

\Horton Family 2013 288Horton Family 2013 246Horton Family 2013 381Horton Family 2013 404

I just love this lady!

Horton Family 2013 481

Cutest couple ever.

Horton Family 2013 533Horton Family 2013 718

We you love you guys! Thanks for being our friends!