Saturday, October 31, 2015

Benjamin–Senior Photos


I’ve known this kid and his family forever it seems!  I still can’t get over the fact that Benjamin is graduating soon! Where does the time go? Benjamin is such a great kid and his parents did a wonderful job raising him, just like his siblings. He’s humble, kind, and full of service it seems! He’s also a great babysitter!! My kids love him. And with good reason!

Congrats on your upcoming graduation Benjamin!!

Benjamin 2015 (4)

Benjamin 2015 (1)Benjamin 2015 (2)Benjamin 2015 (3)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Brynleigh 2015


Little Miss Brynleigh visited my “studio” the other week and we had a blast! It was fun seeing her little personality blossom before my camera and catching up with her mom was nice too! I can’t believe Miss Brynleigh will be 2 in a few short months! They truly grow up too quickly!

Brynleigh 2015 (1)Brynleigh 2015 (2)Brynleigh 2015 (3)Brynleigh 2015 (4)Brynleigh 2015 (5)Brynleigh 2015 (6)Brynleigh 2015 (7)Brynleigh 2015 (8)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Rachel & Tristan 2015

I had so much fun with these two cute kiddos at the Denver LDS Temple the other week. Seriously some sweet and bright spirits! I’m so excited for both of them the choice that they have made to become members of such a wonderful Gospel. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are beyond thrilled, I just know it! Congrats you two! Such a big, wonderful day is coming up for you!!

Rachel 2015 (1)Rachel 2015 (2)Rachel 2015 (3)Rachel 2015 (4)

Tristan 2015 (5)Tristan 2015 (2)Tristan 2015 (1)Tristan 2015 (4)

Sherman Family 2015


I was so happy to see this family again! I had only met them just last year through a mutual friend. These are some of the sweetest, most laid back people I’ve met! They just go with the flow. I loved having them in front of my camera again this year!

Sherman Family 2015 (2)Sherman Family 2015 (3)Sherman Family 2015 (4)Sherman Family 2015 (5)Sherman Family 2015 (7)Sherman Family 2015 (6)Sherman Family 2015 (8)Sherman Family 2015 (9)Sherman Family 2015 (11)Sherman Family 2015 (12)Sherman Family 2015 (14)Sherman Family 2015 (13)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Josiah 2015

Sweet Josiah and his Mom came to my “studio” in October for some school photos since his school doesn’t offer them. It was such a quick session because Josiah is just awesome but I always love seeing him and his Mom. Catching up is such a wonderful thing and I just love hearing about what their family has been up to lately! Miss them like crazy!
Thanks for coming to see me Josiah!! I look forward to our visits!

Josiah 2015 048

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Baby Audrey 2015


I just love newborns!! And although Miss Audrey was almost a month old when she came to the studio, she was still so tiny, soft, and squishy! We had such a nice time during this session. It brought back memories of photographing her older sister Lauren when SHE was a newborn. Man, how time flies! These girls were all so sweet, and just relaxed. Its always nice when sessions go well because everyone is just having a great time.

Audrey 2015 008

I just loved how Audrey was so taken with her Mom the entire time! And who wouldn’t be? Chelsea is gorgeous, talented, sweet and so kind. I just love their little family. Congratulations again to the Haight Family! Audrey is just the perfect little addition!Audrey 2015 050Audrey 2015 061Audrey 2015 082Audrey 2015 092Audrey 2015 171Audrey 2015 173

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Finch Family 2015


I just loved this session! I always love to see the Finch family, especially since they moved and left us behind so long ago! HA! Its only been what, a year and a half or so now? Maybe two years? Anyway – We had a blast at this session! Loved every second. Jett is so active and totally at such a fun age for photos right now! This was also a new location for me and I was just so thrilled with how beautiful the backdrop turned out! Not that this family needs gorgeous scenery to enhance their photos. We could seriously shoot at a dump and they would just look amazing!

Thanks again to the Finch family for having me capture a few memories!! I’m SO excited about bean #2!!! Congrats!


Finch Family 2015 (1)Finch Family 2015 (2)Finch Family 2015 (3)Finch Family 2015 (4)Finch Family 2015 (5)Finch Family 2015 (6)Finch Family 2015 (7)Finch Family 2015 (8)Finch Family 2015 (9)Finch Family 2015 (10)Finch Family 2015 (11)Finch Family 2015 (12)Finch Family 2015 (13)