Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thoming Family–October 2013

Thoming Family 2013 026

We have these great friends, Joe & Kirsten. We just love them to death and we’ve known them for quite some time now. They live a little ways away from us now so we don’t get to see them very often but I cherish the time that we do get to spend with them.

They made a trip down to see us and to have some family photos taken. This shoot was so short and brief but boy, did it turn out gorgeous! We were at Sand Creek Park, right here in Aurora and it was amazing! So gorgeous! In my opinion, the scenery was only a small part of what made these photos so beautiful. It helps to have a gorgeous family to photograph!

Sean & Marjorie are their adorable kiddos and they were just so much fun. I love sweet babies and fun toddlers! They are just perfect. Kirsten & Joe, you have a beautiful little family and we are so blessed to call you friends!

Thoming Family 2013 226Thoming Family 2013 059Thoming Family 2013 198Thoming Family 2013 083Thoming Family 2013 178Thoming Family 2013 273Thoming Family 2013 312Thoming Family 2013 253

Can’t you just feel the love??

Baby Boy Langager–October 2013

Langager Newborn 2013 124Langager Newborn 2013 217

My friend Shannon had her second baby last year, a little boy. I think we all discover just how different little boys and girls truly are when we have one of each. They are so amazing!

Little J was so sweet, cuddly, sleepy, and just relaxed. His Mama is definitely a pro at this whole Mom thing too. She’s just wonderful and I love how relaxed, yet attentive she is to her sweet kiddos.

This shoot was also fun because it brought back memories of her daughter’s session. E & J look so much alike!

Shannon, keep up the great work! You and Jason make beautiful babies!

Langager Newborn 2013 186Langager Newborn 2013 284Langager Newborn 2013 370Langager Newborn 2013 398Langager Newborn 2013 581

Big sister was so much fun! So full of life and personality, I just love her with her baby brother.

Langager Newborn 2013 598Langager Newborn 2013 670Langager Newborn 2013 592Langager Newborn 2013 683Langager Newborn 2013 743

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Smith Family–October 2013

Smith Family 2013 014

Meet the Smith family! Darn near cutest family I’ve ever met! Garn, Julie, Savannah, Scott, Burke, & Maren.

We met on an extremely chilly October morning, bright and early! We captured some beautiful photos with that amazing morning sun. Enjoy!

Smith Family 2013 050Smith Family 2013 378

Four of the most well behaved kids ever. They were so great, did anything I asked without complaining and with a smile even! They were so fun!

Smith Family 2013 091Smith Family 2013 101Smith Family 2013 116

Handsome brothers

Smith Family 2013 189

Beautiful sisters!

Smith Family 2013 466Smith Family 2013 504Smith Family 2013 150Smith Family 2013 224Smith Family 2013 242Smith Family 2013 254

Garn & Julie were like two highschool sweethearts. You could literally feel their love for each other just radiating and touching everything in its path. They were so sweet and cute together. They make a gorgeous couple and amazing parents.

They have been blessed with such a beautiful family and you can tell they cherish it.

Thanks you guys, for a wonderful morning in the sun.

Smith Family 2013 297Smith Family 2013 327

Fitzgerald Family–September 2013

Fitzgerald Family 2013 112
Say hello to the Fitzgerald family! We had a fun family shoot on a gorgeous, warm evening in September.
Fitzgerald Family 2013 208Fitzgerald Family 2013 219
Rowan & Ellie are some of THE cutest kids ever! So full of life and wonder, they were just so fun to photograph. Ellie took a little while to warm up but she was so adorable! And Rowan was such a ham for the camera!
Fitzgerald Family 2013 270Fitzgerald Family 2013 376
This sweet little family has nothing but love for each other.
Fitzgerald Family 2013 357Fitzgerald Family 2013 395Fitzgerald Family 2013 484Fitzgerald Family 2013 492Fitzgerald Family 2013 824Fitzgerald Family 2013 473Fitzgerald Family 2013 711
Thanks Lindsey & Judd for a fun little evening! Your family is beautiful!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wester Family–August 2013

Gwen 8 months Alana and kids 2013 136

My sister, Alana, asked me to photograph her kids. I don’t think I have ever been so nervous in my entire life! Alana is my best friend, she’s the best older sister ever. Since they have lived in Colorado, our relationship has only grown stronger, and more awesomER! She is quite literally the best. You can boast about your friends and family all you want but my mind will never change. I couldn’t ask for a better older sister.

So I was nervous! I didn’t want to disappoint. I wanted to give her something that she would just adore and wallpaper her entire home with! (Haha, that would be awkward actually.) Once we arrived at City Park in Denver, my nerves melted away. She gave me a huge hug and we just had a really fun time. First off, her kids are GORGEOUS! And how could they not be? They came from ALANA. She is by far the number 1 person I have always wanted to look like! She’s beautiful, a health nut, funny, kind, sweet, amazing, and so, so strong. Everything you want in a sister.

And her kids just follow in her foot steps. They’re awesome and I really love hanging out with them. Her boys, Jackson & Eli, both sent me a TEXT on my birthday this month. It seriously made me feel like a million bucks!! I never hear from them through texts, ever. Unless we’re all on a family group text and they’re begging to be removed from the list so they’ll stop receiving text after text. after text!

And Hayley, oh Hayley!! She is a gorgeous, bright, funny, determined girl/young woman. She’s awesome and I just adore her. I have since she was born. I was the lucky kiddo that got to go with my mom to pick Hayley and Alana up from hospital a few days after she was born. I had never seen a baby SO tiny and new before!

The blessings that we call family. I will forever be grateful for bond Alana and I have built over the years. I love that she lives so close and I think I would die a little if she ever left me again.

Thanks Alana, for everything. You are simply my favorite Alana. My favorite older Sister, my favorite. I hope you love these photos as much as I loved taking them for you!

Gwen 8 months Alana and kids 2013 142

The handsome Jackson

Gwen 8 months Alana and kids 2013 143  

The daring Eli

Gwen 8 months Alana and kids 2013 206Gwen 8 months Alana and kids 2013 169

*sigh* Hayley

Gwen 8 months Alana and kids 2013 211Gwen 8 months Alana and kids 2013 257Gwen 8 months Alana and kids 2013 275

They seriously look more like sisters than Mother & Daughter.

Gwen 8 months Alana and kids 2013 281Gwen 8 months Alana and kids 2013 272Gwen 8 months Alana and kids 2013 350Gwen 8 months Alana and kids 2013 291Gwen 8 months Alana and kids 2013 330Gwen 8 months Alana and kids 2013 347

I just love them!!