Tuesday, June 25, 2013

marjorie’s big brother sean


Not only was I able to photograph Marjorie, but I was pleased to catch a few snap shots of her big brother Sean. He was so cute and sweet and just happy to be.

June 11th and 12th Thoming Baby 463

Sean looks so much like his Dad its uncanny. A definite “Mini Me”.

June 11th and 12th Thoming Baby 464

Sean loves his little sister and is such a great big brother to her I’m certain of it. This little family is so blessed. Thank you to Kirsten & Joe for having two beautiful babies! They definitely brought a smile to my day. Open-mouthed smile

little miss marjorie

Introducing, Marjorie! And what a sweetie she is. Her eyes are so captivating and her little pout is to die for. Mom requested a simple photo shoot and simple we gave. But in this case, it really seemed that less was more. Marjorie is a beautiful little girl and she was such a pleasure to photograph.

June 11th and 12th Thoming Baby 438bwJune 11th and 12th Thoming Baby 197bwJune 11th and 12th Thoming Baby 266bw

Just a few sweet moments for the memory books.

June 11th and 12th Thoming Baby 314bw

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

5 day new Jett



Jett was the youngest newborn I’ve ever photographed. The youngest and the most active. He was wide awake for almost the entire shoot and wanted to be on the move. He was so much fun to photograph and he was so sweet. I feel so blessed to have been able to capture these sweet moments for his Mom & Dad.

Baby Finch June 2013 528

Baby Finch June 2013 175

Bri is definitely a natural mother. She was laid back, relaxed, and so comfortable.

Baby Finch June 2013 250bw

And her relaxed personality definitely rubs off on her little boy.

Baby Finch June 2013 337bw

Thank you so much for sharing your new little boy with me!