Thursday, December 22, 2016

taylor family 2016

Taylor Family 2016 495

I had such a great time with this sweet family last month. I met Brittney through a dear mutual friend a few years ago and I knew right away that I liked her because of her laid back, genuine personality and her interest in photography. I did their sweet little boy’s newborn session last year and that was when she suggested I check out this amazing location which I instantly fell in love with and where we ended up shooting their family session at! The fall colors went so well with her choice of wardrobe and these turned out so beautifully! I knew as I shot them, the gold and the navy was so beautiful, that I was going to LOVE editing these photos. They truly did not disappoint! Brittney’s girls are SO sweet and beautiful, their personalities just radiate from them. And sweet little Ben was just so much fun with his little baby tooth grin. So sweet! And Dad (Brad), was a great sport and very patient with me. Family photos are really not a favoritre thing for dads!

I truly couldn’t have spent my Saturday with a more wonderful family.

Thank you Taylor family! I am so in love with these images and I’m so happy that I could capture them for you. I cannot wait for our Pho date, Brittney!

Merry Christmas!

Taylor Family 2016 136Taylor Family 2016 199Taylor Family 2016 218Taylor Family 2016 252Taylor Family 2016 470

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

dial family 2016

Dial Family 2016 (6)

Gah! I miss this family so much! They were in our ward for a brief time and Christian served in the Bishopric with my husband and we have nothing but great things to say about this wonderful family! It was SO good to catch up with them and see their little boy McKay, who just turned ONE! How did that happen?? Seriously. Time just flies so fast when you have adorable little ones in your life. It was SO good to catch up with Erin, Christian, and McKay. I just loved our session! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much! Nothing but love Dial family, nothing but love!

Dial Family 2016 (13)Dial Family 2016 (16)Dial Family 2016 (19)Dial Family 2016 (31)Dial Family 2016 (35)Dial Family 2016 (53)Dial Family 2016 (61)Dial Family 2016 (66)

rose family 2016

Rose Family 2016 (6)

Chintana is one of my FAVORITES! I just love her. She’s such a sweetie! I had the chance to photograph her with her sweet family! We had so much fun running around the woods chasing after her cute girls and her two adorable grandsons. Her older boys kind of tolerated me and my rendition of the hokey pokey. Open-mouthed smile 

I couldn’t have found a better way to spend my Saturday afternoon. Love ya Chintana!

Rose Family 2016 (21)Rose Family 2016 (22)Rose Family 2016 (26)Rose Family 2016 (33)Rose Family 2016 (34)Rose Family 2016 (47)Rose Family 2016 (50)Rose Family 2016 (59)Rose Family 2016 (68)

isom family 2016

Isom Family 2016 (2)

I had this beautiful, Broncos loving family in front of my lens before Halloween! Jen is one of the most amazing Moms I’ve ever met! She is so sweet, kind, and thoughtful, and truly does so much for her sweet family. I haven’t had the chance to get to know her husband very well but I do know he loves his family and works so hard for them. Their kiddos are so beautiful and sweet! Their smiles can light up an entire room! I just love this family! I had such a blast photographing them and just hanging out. Thanks for being so amazing Isom Family! We love you guys!! <3

Isom Family 2016 (9)Isom Family 2016 (14)Isom Family 2016 (18)Isom Family 2016 (52)Isom Family 2016 (55)

Isom Family 2016 (7)

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

fitzgerald family 2016

Fitzgerald Family 2016 019

I love seeing this awesome family every year! This session was so much fun, I just love how much energy and life this family has. Little Ruby was not my biggest fan but man was she so much fun to photograph. These kiddos are so gorgeous, smart, kind, and just fun to be around. And they come by it naturally! Lindsay and Judd are so relaxed and just a blast to be around.

Thanks again Fitzgerald family for being an awesome way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Y’all are the best!

Fitzgerald Family 2016 027Fitzgerald Family 2016 067Fitzgerald Family 2016 095Fitzgerald Family 2016 110Fitzgerald Family 2016 137Fitzgerald Family 2016 165Fitzgerald Family 2016 179Fitzgerald Family 2016 218Fitzgerald Family 2016 272Fitzgerald Family 2016 302

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

brynleigh 2016

Brynleigh 2016 (59)

We had fun playing in the woods with this little girl the other week! Brynleigh is so full of life and energy, she’s the perfect caboose to her awesome family. Thanks for such a fun afternoon Miss Brynleigh! Stay awesome!

Brynleigh 2016 (1)Brynleigh 2016 (17)Brynleigh 2016 (25)Brynleigh 2016 (29)Brynleigh 2016 (32)Brynleigh 2016 (45)Brynleigh 2016 (46)Brynleigh 2016 (47)Brynleigh 2016 (53)