Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby Girl Zuniga

BabyGirlZunigaFeb2012 602BW
This photo shoot last week was so much fun. Baby Zuniga was so tiny yet so active. She was awake for most of the shoot and just a joy to photograph.
This little girl has so much fire and spunk, I can’t wait to see who she grows up to be.
The Zunigas are so blessed to have this little girl in their lives and she’s definitely blessed herself to belong to them.
She was definitely worth waiting for…
BabyGirlZunigaFeb2012 062BWBabyGirlZunigaFeb2012 109BW
BabyGirlZunigaFeb2012 067BabyGirlZunigaFeb2012 441
BabyGirlZunigaFeb2012 158BWBabyGirlZunigaFeb2012 172BW
BabyGirlZunigaFeb2012 192BWBabyGirlZunigaFeb2012 206BW
BabyGirlZunigaFeb2012 253bw
BabyGirlZunigaFeb2012 280BW
BabyGirlZunigaFeb2012 493BW
BabyGirlZunigaFeb2012 556BW


Jason & Shannon said...

Gorgeous!!! What a pretty girl! Both of them! Gorgeous pictures!

Janna said...

I agree with Shannon! Awesome job Natalie. I especially love the little feet picture, so so tiny :)

Aaron and Rachael said...

What a beauty! For reals, every girl is going to envy her complexion.