Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Baby Audrey 2015


I just love newborns!! And although Miss Audrey was almost a month old when she came to the studio, she was still so tiny, soft, and squishy! We had such a nice time during this session. It brought back memories of photographing her older sister Lauren when SHE was a newborn. Man, how time flies! These girls were all so sweet, and just relaxed. Its always nice when sessions go well because everyone is just having a great time.

Audrey 2015 008

I just loved how Audrey was so taken with her Mom the entire time! And who wouldn’t be? Chelsea is gorgeous, talented, sweet and so kind. I just love their little family. Congratulations again to the Haight Family! Audrey is just the perfect little addition!Audrey 2015 050Audrey 2015 061Audrey 2015 082Audrey 2015 092Audrey 2015 171Audrey 2015 173

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