Monday, October 10, 2016

ethan 2016


Ethan 2016 (26)

A few weeks ago, I got to hang out with Ethan and part of his sweet family. Just to capture a few photos of Ethan and how much he’s grown lately. We had such a fun time, laughing and talking. Ethan really didn’t dig me too much until the very end of the session. ; ) He’s such a cute little kiddo with sweet personality. I just loved photographing him! His Mom, Jen, is such an amazing person. She is so sweet, kind, and strong. She is definitely someone I look up to in my life. She’s such a bright inspiration! I’m grateful that we’re friends!

Ethan 2016 (38)

Ethan 2016 (42)Ethan 2016 (43)Ethan 2016 (46)Ethan 2016 (51)

Ethan 2016 (34)

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