Monday, May 15, 2017

luck birth–part one 2017

Luck Birth 1-30 2017 (6)

This was a first for me. I’ve never done a birth session so I was really excited, quite nervous, and a little anxious about it. I’m truly grateful that our good friends David & Jamie asked me (and trusted me) to shoot their birth story even though I had no experience. It was such an amazing experience for me – I had never witnessed a birth, even though I’ve had four babies myself, this was a completely new perspective for me. Giving birth is such a beautiful, amazing, breathtaking, and glorious event. The human body is so amazing and what women’s bodies go through during pregnancy and labor/delivery just leaves  you completely awestruck.

So thank you, David & Jamie, for having me be apart of this awesome day in your lives. I feel truly blessed to have been there with you. <3

David & Jamie’s birth story begins in the hospital, the night before. Jamie is a labor & delivery nurse at this hospital so it was really quite fun to see her with her coworkers during *her* labor & delivery. : ) The staff decorated her room and even had a cute sign on her door to welcome their sweet little boy into the world.

Jamie got unpacked and settled in for the night for a very big day that would start in the morning!

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