Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Zamarron Family - aurora, co photographer

Zamarron Family 2014 095

This family, this family right here, I just love them so much. Stacy is one of my dear, sweet friends and I just love her so much! She is one of the kindest, most helpful, most intelligent and amazing women I have had to pleasure to meet. Her kiddos and her husband are just as amazing! I just love the fact that my kids attend the same school as her kids, they see each other at church and sometimes we even get to hang out at home with them or at the zoo. I feel so relaxed with Stacy and her family and that is saying something!

This session was SO much fun, my face and stomach hurt from laughing so much! It was a beautiful summer evening with an even more beautiful family. You guys are the best! Thanks for having me take your family photos this year, it was completely my pleasure!

Zamarron Family 2014 104Zamarron Family 2014 169Zamarron Family 2014 180Zamarron Family 2014 218Zamarron Family 2014 228Zamarron Family 2014 236Zamarron Family 2014 324Zamarron Family 2014 326Zamarron Family 2014 430Zamarron Family 2014 434

Zamarron Family 2014 165Zamarron Family 2014 172Zamarron Family 2014 271

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