Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nardone Family - aurora, co photographer

Nardone Family 2014 122

The Nardone family is just the sweetest! They have been wonderful friends for the past few years. They’re just awesome and you all should be jealous!

Josh was going to dental school here in Aurora and once he graduated, they found out Florida would be their new home. I’m a little envious, for sure. Florida is beautiful and they will be gaining an awesome family!

We did this shoot just before they moved to FL and we had a TON of fun. Aside from getting eaten alive by the mosquitoes, it was a great evening. Aurora makes for a beautiful backdrop too!

So here’s to you Nardone Family! And best of luck to you on your new journey! I’m hoping it brings you back to CO one day. Hey, when it comes to great friends, a girl can dream, right??

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Anonymous said...

Love that family! They are so photogenic!
Karen Weary