Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baby Boy Langager–October 2013

Langager Newborn 2013 124Langager Newborn 2013 217

My friend Shannon had her second baby last year, a little boy. I think we all discover just how different little boys and girls truly are when we have one of each. They are so amazing!

Little J was so sweet, cuddly, sleepy, and just relaxed. His Mama is definitely a pro at this whole Mom thing too. She’s just wonderful and I love how relaxed, yet attentive she is to her sweet kiddos.

This shoot was also fun because it brought back memories of her daughter’s session. E & J look so much alike!

Shannon, keep up the great work! You and Jason make beautiful babies!

Langager Newborn 2013 186Langager Newborn 2013 284Langager Newborn 2013 370Langager Newborn 2013 398Langager Newborn 2013 581

Big sister was so much fun! So full of life and personality, I just love her with her baby brother.

Langager Newborn 2013 598Langager Newborn 2013 670Langager Newborn 2013 592Langager Newborn 2013 683Langager Newborn 2013 743

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