Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Smith Family–October 2013

Smith Family 2013 014

Meet the Smith family! Darn near cutest family I’ve ever met! Garn, Julie, Savannah, Scott, Burke, & Maren.

We met on an extremely chilly October morning, bright and early! We captured some beautiful photos with that amazing morning sun. Enjoy!

Smith Family 2013 050Smith Family 2013 378

Four of the most well behaved kids ever. They were so great, did anything I asked without complaining and with a smile even! They were so fun!

Smith Family 2013 091Smith Family 2013 101Smith Family 2013 116

Handsome brothers

Smith Family 2013 189

Beautiful sisters!

Smith Family 2013 466Smith Family 2013 504Smith Family 2013 150Smith Family 2013 224Smith Family 2013 242Smith Family 2013 254

Garn & Julie were like two highschool sweethearts. You could literally feel their love for each other just radiating and touching everything in its path. They were so sweet and cute together. They make a gorgeous couple and amazing parents.

They have been blessed with such a beautiful family and you can tell they cherish it.

Thanks you guys, for a wonderful morning in the sun.

Smith Family 2013 297Smith Family 2013 327

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