Tuesday, November 4, 2014

baby Elliot - aurora co photographer

Powers Newborn 2014 417

Say hello to sweet baby Elliot. Isn’t she just delicious?! This session felt really great. It had been so long since my last newborn session and that’s where all of this started for me – newborns. Its truly like riding a bike though, you just don’t forget how to work with those sweet, sweet new babes. Ah, it was lovely.

This family is just the sweetest. I met Angela, Stephen, & Laynie back in November of last year for their family session. We had so much fun then and it was so good to see them again, especially since Elliot had joined the family. We had fun and this session was laid back and relaxed, just the way you want a newborn session to go! Laynie loved all the kids books that I had floating around my living room and was just so fun to talk to. She’s such smart, kind, and beautiful little girl.

Baby Elliot is truly blessed to join this sweet family. She will be loved and cherished!

Congrats Powers Family!

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