Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thoming Family - aurora co photographer

Thoming Family 2014 014

Say hello to this gorgeous family, the Thomings! I have taken their family photos two years in a row now, it’s a pretty awesome feeling. I was also lucky enough to take little Marjorie’s newborn photos, she is such a doll. And it was neat to learn that Joe’s Grandmother use to own the property where we took these photos, how cool is that??

I just love the Thomings, they are a sweet and amazing family. And they have some of THE cutest kids around. I just love them!

Thanks again Thomings for a wonderful evening! I just LOVE these photos and you guys!

StripThoming Family 2014 020Thoming Family 2014 057Thoming Family 2014 079Thoming Family 2014 123Thoming Family 2014 231Thoming Family 2014 256Thoming Family 2014 280

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