Tuesday, February 4, 2014

little rory - November 2013


R Brawn 2013 027

Little Rory is a sweet little girl who is loved and adored by her sweet family.

I use to watch Rory’s older brother Marshall. Our families are good friends. We were so excited when Peggy & Will announced they were having a little girl. We knew she would be cherished. She definitely fits right in with them!

R Brawn 2013 096

At first, she wasn’t all too thrilled to be half naked and having her photo taken. She was the tiniest little peanut I had seen in a long time!

So we swaddled her right up and she was happy as a clam.

R Brawn 2013 109

R Brawn 2013 232

Marshall is an awesome big brother!

R Brawn 2013 245

Peggy and her husband Will have their own wedding photography business and they are amazing! You can check out their website HERE

I have learned so much from them and appreciate all they have done for my family.

We love you guys! Congratulations again on baby Rory! She’s perfect!

R Brawn 2013 282R Brawn 2013 293R Brawn 2013 299

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