Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Powers Family - November 2013

Powers 2013 037

Say hi to Steve, Angela, and Laynie!

We met on a chilly November evening at a cute little park. We thought we were going to lose the light but it hung on just for us, I’m pretty certain. The snow was a nice little backdrop.

Angela & Steve are a seriously cute couple. They were super sweet and fun to talk to. They were also pretty darn photogenic. They made my job easy for sure!

And Laynie, oh my gosh what a doll! She was so much fun and this definitely was not her first rodeo! She was MADE for the camera. She had the cutest personality and the prettiest blue eyes. She was just perfect!

Powers 2013 076

Powers 2013 121

Thanks so much for hanging outside in the cold for a few adorable photos you guys! I enjoyed every second of it!

Powers 2013 149

Powers 2013 171Powers 2013 135

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