Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Zach - November 2013

Color Set (16)

Ah, Zach. What a cutie. I photographed his older sister Violet two years ago when she was a newborn and I can tell you, they are polar opposites. Violet was wide awake and moving around. You could just tell she was going to be a mover when she got older. And she was! Walking at 8 months.. she’s going places!

Zach slept the entire time. Didn’t mind moving around one bit. Our session was really quick because he was so sleepy and comfy. Loved it!

B&W Set (8)

This little guy looks so much like his Daddy.

B&W Set (15)

One of the best Moms around. Such a sweet session.

B&W Set (16)

Thanks for this session Gail! Zach is going to be an easy going little fella. Congrats on baby #4!

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