Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Addison - January 2014

A Ross Newborn 2014 155

Meet Addison! Baby #4 for my friend Laura. Such a cutie pie! She has gorgeous eyes and a beautiful smile. Addison was 4 weeks old at this session so she was pretty active and awake the entire time. I just loved every second of her!

I love Laura.  Laura is a single mom most of the time. She is married to an awesome guy but he travels a lot for work. I can totally relate! But she handles being a mom of four with such grace and love, its just wonderful to see. I love Laura because she has so much compassion and kindness for every mother out there. She knows because in most cases, she’s been there and she’s always willing to lend a helping hand.

Thanks for your awesome friendship Laura! It means a lot to me. I hope you’re sticking around for a while!

A Ross Newborn 2014 167A Ross Newborn 2014 189

Look at her gorgeous hair!! I love babies with a ton of hair. So adorable.

A Ross Newborn 2014 221

A Ross Newborn 2014 327

A Ross Newborn 2014 246

A Ross Newborn 2014 341A Ross Newborn 2014 343-2

A Ross Newborn 2014 351

A Ross Newborn 2014 160

And say hello to Addison’s older sister Paige. Gah, I would give my left arm to photograph all four of Laura’s adorable kiddos!! Paige was a good little helper during our session. I just had to snap a photo of her, she’s so cute!

Thanks Laura! It was such a fun afternoon!

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